Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Emphatic Response

Do I want this? Do I desire this? Do I see this things happening?....

Sometimes we don't even know what we want, we just find ourselves doing what we do, with no logical explanation about how it happened. What happened could be as a result of our inner mindset either positive or negative, with an apparent description of our motives.

Many of us live our lives unconsciously, there's is no distinctions, we do things because that's how we perceive the society to be, we follow the mother sheep.

You bought a sachet of water while walking on the street, you just litter the sachet, when you're done gulping it. You consider it a reflex action!.

Throwing away refuse in the gutter when it raining. What an impudent act! i just saw a woman did that and believe me it very a common act.

We are what we repeatedly do, "Excellence then is not an act, but an habit", -Aristotle

Many people live in the shadow of their own self, when passed through hard surface they are deformed. Habits shape who we are, what we frequently engage in becomes part of us, what we engage in becomes our embodiment. We need to be conscious of what we do, to be sagacious. I try to be conscious of what I do, I try to understand the chemistry behind things that happened around me.

Everyone is surrounded with layers of veils, it's take a conscious mind to know that, when you're are aware of that, there is this curiosity to look through that veil, what you see create a vibe to continue looking through. Each layer teaches you a lesson, each level is a life course. You begin to ask yourself questions, there's this hunger for more.

We need to be conscious of our environment, to change our reflexes and habit towards our environment, some still need to be oriented while some know the implications but considered their actions not to be salient. I want to live life well, I want to enjoy the free nature, I want to the best for my people and I want to be that change, we are waiting for.

#Barakat is the name

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