Sunday, 15 May 2016

Climate change sensitization

Social media is a gift given to our generation, an opportunity to explore the outside world, to be part of the dynamic momentum of networking. It all depends on how we use it, what we use it for and why we use it. I use to have this notion that people you meet on social media are out there to break you, but not anymore. I have met amazing people online, who are gearing me.

 My adventurous life was brought to the minimal. As I grew older, I was accustomed to the normal activity of life, no sense of adventure. The moment I leaped out, and I discover, what is made for me. That is the point of revolution.

We should use the social media to start that change, every youths should join the force for climate justice, we need to vibe that spirit by creating a cue, a reward then the habit comes up. We need to adopt the technic for business sales used by leading business ventures. The cue is the public pull, the media campaigns, animated presentation of climate change, strategic branding of recycled products, grassroots learning about climate change. For people to know what their actions is doing to degrade nature and future risk attached.

The reward: carbon free air, green sustainable economy, mitigation of fossil fuel consumption. But the reward people want to see is that direct incentive, the feeling of satisfaction, healthy living, access to clean water, spending less while engaging in renewable practices and buying renewal product, and fresh air from green plants.

Incorporating the habit of sustainable practices into our day to day lives, stop littering, stop deforestation, planting new trees, be ready volunteers to spread the word of climate justice. I think that evolution has taught us to follow safer paths, seek comfort over excitement and avoid choices that seems to influence our existing nature, which we are not ready to break free from.

 The North Africa nation revolution started on social media, and so many others. This has shown the power of social media to rejuvenate youths actions. Many youths, especially in Nigeria are not ready to live up to tasks. What cause this sense of passionless life and how can we liven up our dull existence?. The social media can be use to pass messages through graphics, documented discoveries, illustrations and online discussions. To get a higher frequency the respective stakeholders need to imbibe this into their practices and relate the result to the public.

We all want to do great things, but continues to live in one pattern of life and hope to see the great things happening. Sometimes I feel like people love to have everything planned out as they grow up. When it now turned around, we are thrown in despair, and begin to blame others. We yearn to live, we want to live more and more everyday. It's like we simply just don't know how. I know what I want, am focused, I want to build that movement of climate justice. Will you join me?.

#Babiti #ForeverGreen

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