Monday, 20 June 2016

Our Commitment towards the SDGs- Climate Action (Major)

"Do you about the SDGs or better said the Sustainable Development Goals" I asked a boy in my neighborhood. I was surprised as he said "I have never heard about it before". I repeated the same question to my little cousin, and seriously, he was blank. I took it as a challenge, to tell them about the SDGs in their schools. Al-Aleem College is a kick start.
I felt there's is something that has to be done concerning young people been involve in nation building but when they are not aware of what going on in the system as from now, and the only thing they hear about is how people get huge money from corruption, the bad things, the feeling of no hope.

Young student in primary and  secondary schools need to know about these things that affect our society, what needs to be or what is been done, and how they can be productive at an early age. It was nice talking to them. It was an encouragement to engage in activities beyond the classroom. The 17 sustainable development goals was well layout. I received great and positive talk about getting involve to promote peace, development, justice, environmental justice...... Thanks to these awesome students and staffs of Al-Aleem College.

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Friday, 10 June 2016

Apply to attend the World Youth Summit for peace in Lahore, Pakistan


The Youth delegates & Youth Ambassadors of IHRC will come together for Conference in an open forum which encourages dialogue on the Human Rights Protection, Efforts for Peace, Empowerment for Women, Welfare of Children, Youth Development, and Respect for Dignity, Education, Health Services, countering drug trafficking, crime prevention, Anti- corruption, human trafficking, prevention of substance abuse, Interfaith Harmony and Justice for all. During the Conference, the delegates will discuss all the issues and crisis going on around the world. They will come up with solid polices as to how all these issues can be solved and how all human rights violation across the globe can be stopped.

Application deadline: June 30th 2016
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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Apply - Project GEO (Green Enterprenuership Opportunity)

The project is tagged “Project GEO” – GEO stands for ‘Green Entrepreneurship Opportunities’.


 This online workshop is the first part of a two-part process. Part 2 of the workshop will be conducted through a 21-day boot camp in Cape Town, South Africa. Only successful participants in the online introductory workshop will be shortlisted to take part in the ‘fully-sponsored’ boot camp course, where candidates will be trained and mentored on how to design green enterprise projects, which will be fully funded by Green Shift Africa, relevant donor agencies and our partners. Project GEO is a scope-driven product initiated to solve an identified gap in Africa. The compelling thing about the value proposition Green Shift Africa Forum intends to promote with ‘Project GEO’ is the dearth of requisite skills to match the inevitable growth of the green market in Africa. Thus the need for skills enhancement brought about by well-targeted education and training. This becomes necessary so as to ensure that Africa’s growth strategy is well-blended with youth empowerment and skills acquisitions for career advancement and job opportunities in the green economy sector, and the opportunities it presents i.e. green technology, green business practices and environmental protection. 

The uniqueness of Green Shift Africa Forum value proposition lies in our approach to finding solutions to the green skills challenge. Through Education and Training ranging from a popular medium like the internet (online/virtual) to a camp based direct (face to face) medium, Green Shift Africa Forum intends to deliver the expertise needed by Africans to plug this skills gap. Our proposed method sets us apart from the few others who might have similar ideas mainly because of our ability to streamline the broad segments of green skills into this unique program, and our capability to deliver on this using the vast resources within and outside our organization. 

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Friday, 3 June 2016

Report - "Greening the Campus" Event at Kaduna State University


 “Greening the Campus” is the first campus seminar of the Green Campus Initiative at Kaduna State University, which introduces eco-sustainability, instigate sustainable actions among students in Kaduna State University. Barakat Tiamiyu; a Green Campus Ambassador, convenes the events, involving the different stakeholders that graced the occasion.  

The event was held at the faculty of science lecture theatre, Kaduna State University on the 31st May, 2016. 250 interested students from different department in the university were in attendance. It witnesses the presence of different university staffs and students. It was anchored by Yusuf Sokfa Kanhu (a youth ambassador). The theme “GREENING THE CAMPUS” event is aimed to create awareness about the importance of 'Going Green', to form a green family of volunteers working together, to build a positive and sustainable future. 

 The event was opened after the distinguish were recognized; Prof. Bala Dogo - Dean of Postgraduate Studies, KASU, Madam Ketura Aku– Administrator of Hamdala Hostel, Dr. Yusuf Saleh (Lecturer, Geography Department)– Representing (Dean, Faculty of Science- Prof. J. G. Laah). Speakers: Arc Gbolade Ogundele -Representing the Green Team,  Alpha Natheniel Hayab – Young Farmer’s Initiative, and Dr. Salamatu Sukai Akor – Mandela Washington Alumni.  

GCI was introduced by Barakat Tiamiyu, who remarkably took the student round the journey on how she became a GCI ambassador, talking about thee  interesting part of working to promote students participation in environmental actions, is seeing different passions that will keep pushing you to move on. She spoke about what GCI is doing to tackle climate change and environmental sustainability and how students can get involve. More elaborate explanation was given by Arc Gbolade Ogundele, as he talks about what Going Green really entails sighting some visual example in Kaduna environs, explaining the steps of achieving environmental sustainability as students. Like getting a green book, telling others to imbibe into the same culture, and so on. Video presentation of the different GCI activities was projected. 

Alpha Nathaniel Hayab, spoke on “Farmer’s and Climate Change”. Using the YALI climate change video, to explain the component behind climate change and how it affects farmers, the people and the economy. He said, ”young people need to be enticed to venture into the business of agriculture for the purpose of profit making to reduce unemployment and poverty”. Dr. Salamatu Sukai Akor, also spoke on Human health and climate change- talking about its adverse effect on people, and how it our activities gradually affects us. She highlighted that bottled water are expensive in the US, which is to force people to carry their watering can which they could refill at different terminals and also high cost of parking vehicles, to encourage the use of public transport. 

Questions were raised concerning the aspect of Going Green and how students can actively be involved in the movement, the speakers gave clear answers to the questions asked. Those interested to join and be part of the Green Centre were asked to leave their details and subsequent meetings will be held to discussed more about the activities of Green Campus Initiative, they were told to register and become a green ambassador that will help elevate sustainable practices in Kaduna State University.

The event ended with a key remark from the representative of Prof. J. G. Laah (Dean, Faculty of Science).  The event was interesting and impactful, with the different enthusiasm demonstrated by the speakers and students, and now Kaduna state is officially green. 

There was a huge turnout of students who waited behind to enquire specifically how they can actively be involve in the movement in Kaduna State University.