Saturday, 19 November 2016

HOB Hangout

House of Babiti, HANGOUT 

There is a time in the year, a very special one, when the need to reflect, review and revamp our work as a group and as a Green citizen is imperative. The name House of Babiti has been on the air whether as thin as matches flame or a forest fire according to your perception, for 11 month. But I want to tell you we are in motion. The question now is what have we done, what are we doing, where are we going, why are we going there and how are we getting there.  

 The hangout is a visual meeting which every member around the location, you are highly expected to be there. Sorry we need you to be there. It is slated in other to discuss the state and affairs of the initiative. Meet up, connect, learn and dine with each other.  

I have an exam. Yes, but it just going to take 2hours out of your time on Sunday evening, 20th November 2016. Time will be communicated to you later. Venue is Eden, New Buka, Obafemi Awolowo University. And if you’re not in Ife, don’t worry you won’t be left out.

I hope to see you there. Cheers

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

What is happening?

It been a while since I last posted on this blog, you might be wondering what could have happened. Yes, some things have happened over this past weeks or let say months. Some development that were not posted and some limitation that has slowed us down, of course the team is very much active, a lot of physical and online engagement is going on with some members in the society.  

My last posted dated Monday, 29 August 2016, during this time myself and Olugbemi Kayode and of course Ekpa Stanley have been discussing extensively about getting our initiative registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC, we went ahead to secure the name but couldn’t complete the process due to lack of funding, after our enormous effort to raise fund among ourselves failed. 

House of Babiti was selected to participate in the African Women Mentoring Network that took place in Lagos, I was granted a session to meet with the experts in the different category like legal adviser, fundraising expert, branding, recruitment and other much needing tool, to advance a civic career. It was such an experience. Like it is known, our initiative aim is to advocate, promote and support youth’s participation in environmental actions; we have started the race already by reaching out to young people and introducing eco-sustainability through well driven organization platform that could gear climate action among young people especially in universities and college.  

The question now is how we can explore greater height. Our activities have been resting on self support, volunteers and little donations from individuals. For us to go a step higher towards reaching a wider community with the legal certification, means we need to get registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission, this is the major thing that was emphasized at the last session we had in Lagos, this brought us back to our progressive struggle, a struggle to illuminate a vision and a dream to see our country’s youth become pro-active, when it comes to climate action and risk mitigation. The things learnt at the session were put into practice. We started another round of fundraising, this time not to student like ourselves but people who believe in the ability of young people to be agent of change.  

We sent personal notes to different people and got different responses. Some promised, some kept quiet and others spoke frankly. Our hopes are high enough as we waited patiently. This is something really difficult to achieve especially among our people. People would doubt your sincerity or ability to keep up with the goal, but one thing is sure the passion is an unquenchable fire on a tree that moves in all direction to touch other bigger trees. Self exploration has never allowed weary or disconcert.  

The Nigeria Alternative Exposition was an opportunity to meet with practitioners and see the different model use for alternative energy which is one way to reduce carbon consumption that would save our planet. Mediating the three days work was an awesome experience for me.

 I believe every successful organization started from somewhere with some people at some time, it was not a coincident that it happen, they are great people who have a positive outlook of what the world is to become and created the perfect model that would suit that vision.