Monday, 20 June 2016

Our Commitment towards the SDGs- Climate Action (Major)

"Do you about the SDGs or better said the Sustainable Development Goals" I asked a boy in my neighborhood. I was surprised as he said "I have never heard about it before". I repeated the same question to my little cousin, and seriously, he was blank. I took it as a challenge, to tell them about the SDGs in their schools. Al-Aleem College is a kick start.
I felt there's is something that has to be done concerning young people been involve in nation building but when they are not aware of what going on in the system as from now, and the only thing they hear about is how people get huge money from corruption, the bad things, the feeling of no hope.

Young student in primary and  secondary schools need to know about these things that affect our society, what needs to be or what is been done, and how they can be productive at an early age. It was nice talking to them. It was an encouragement to engage in activities beyond the classroom. The 17 sustainable development goals was well layout. I received great and positive talk about getting involve to promote peace, development, justice, environmental justice...... Thanks to these awesome students and staffs of Al-Aleem College.

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