Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Join the Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network (CYCN) - For individuals ONLY

The Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network (CYCN) was established in 2009 by young environmental activists from the Commonwealth. The Network is officially recognised by the Commonwealth Secretariat and is placed under the supervision of the Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP). The CYCN’s vision is to make climate change a top priority for young people across the Commonwealth and to engage them as key stakeholders in addressing the issue at a grassroots, national and regional level through individual and collective sustainable solutions. The Network’s mission is to build a Commonwealth where young people (especially climate and environmental activists, leaders, professionals and their organizations) are provided with the capacities and opportunities to effectively address climate change and other important environmental issues and find sustainable individual and collective solutions.

  In order to achieve its vision and mission, the CYCN is calling young people (aged 18-29) and youth organisations from across the Commonwealth working on climate change, environmental and sustainable development issues to join its membership database. The database will enable the Network to connect members to share knowledge, skills, expertise, resources, best practices, and support each other in their work. This will create a mapping of young people and organizations in the Commonwealth facing these issues in their daily life. In addition, registered members on the database will benefit from working closely with the Network in accessing new skills, capacity-building, and in developing and implementing activities, campaigns, and projects. 

 Important before filling this form: Please learn more about the Commonwealth at: and the CYCN at: Also check the list of Commonwealth member countries at: 

 This form is only for individuals willing to join the CYCN. Not for organisations. Please fill in the following information in order for you to join the CYCN database. Note that all fields marked with * are mandatory. All collected information will remain confidential and the privacy of the individuals. They cannot be made public without their approval.

Click the link below to register

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