Thursday, 18 February 2016

What You need to know about House Of Babiti

In a recent post on social media, the founder and group head House of Babiti, Miss Barakat Tiamiyu uses the mesage to enlightened the public and

House of Babiti This group is an initiative devoted to promoting youth in active leadership and to be change driver's in their countries. With diversified approach ranging from community empowerment, skills training, mentoring and providing platforms for them to blossom. As an organization, our sole responsibility is to make known to these less destitute the opportunities, ideas provided collectively, which they can venture into and also to have power to create opportunities for themselves and others. We are committed to the development of Nigeria and the whole Africa. We would be providing updates on opportunities available to youths, which they can venture into or use to develop themselves: this will be done through our website which will be made available in a short while, and subsequently through this group. It is a house that incorporates young leaders who are expert in their profession, including students from different fields of study among higher institutions across the country

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